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Y’all I’m going to need like 6 of these in my house alone. I was only able to get TEN of these awesome cords before they sold out with my vendor.

If y’all love these I will get back in line with her to get more.

I’ve had so many chargers broken from kids dropping them, plugging them in wrong etc...this handy little invention it’s going to be a life saver.

Just $18

All the chargers are black cords.👍🏻

🛒 Extra info:

MAGNETIC quick charging swivel cord. 

3.0a FAST CHARGING. 6ft cord. It comes with three charging adapters
Usb-c, micros usb, and ios. All adapters come in a small storage spot ON the cord.

Have a friend come over and she has a different charger than you? No problem you have them covered! All cords come with apple ios adapter, usb-c adapter and micro usb adapter.

Maybe you have 2 or 3 different device models one cord and 3 adapters can charge them all!

Road trip with different devices no problem one cord fits them all!